Five errors in accumulation of the money

Five errors in accumulation of the money

1.            To save the rest amount

Every time, before receiving a salary, we think that we will reserve money after the planned expenses. However, we spend all money. Rule one: after you receive salary, the first thing you do is to put the money in your savings account. To do this, determine a comfortable amount for you monthly transfers to the "reserve Fund" and do not spend. Set up automatic transfer from your salary card to your savings account.

2.     Transfer to the savings account and immediately spend

In any case you can withdraw money from the savings account at any time, you can open a Bank Deposit for (6) six or twelfth (12) months and better if it will be without the possibility of early withdraw. Therefore, your funds are guaranteed to multiply and will be stored in a safe place. You can choose a Deposit product suitable for you, up to 15% per annum, on our website:


3.            All savings in one account

When the money is in one account and there are several savings goals, the distribution of the money will be difficult. If you have several different purposes of saving, it is desirable to open several accounts. For example, account for children, for parents, for yourself, and so on.


4.            To save large sums at once

When there is a happy occasion, many people prefer not to save a small amount and keep only the large one. It is better to debit smaller amounts, but do it on a periodic basis. The process of saving up will become a habit, and financial life will be disciplined.
5.            To save all sums 
There are unforeseen expenses that will prevent to save the necessary amount for this month. In this case, it is not necessary to save the amount for two months. Put the money away next month.

P.S. Experts advise to have no more than six monthly salaries as a reserve stock, which will serve as a" financial cushion» in unforeseen cases.


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