Happy winners of the 4th round or "Fateful payment by card!»

The fourth round of the action "Burdi chashni" came to the end and the happy winners of cash prizes were identified. They were Zohir Valiev fr om Khujand and Muhammadiev Sayfullokhon from Mastchoh district.


For Zohir Valiev, the winning was the payment in the clinic "Synaps" in Khujand, which later turned out to be happy. "My wife paid for the service in this clinic with a card and this payment became a winning one. Therefore, she must be present at the cash prize ceremony. Moreover, I often pay by card at the gas station of the city. I am very happy to win and wish victory to other participants too," says Zohir Valiev.

The payment at the grocery store “Amid” Khujand was fateful for Sayfullokhon Muhammadiev, who made only one card payment during the promotion of the action "Burdi chasni"! "To tell the truth, I did not expect that I would win. After all, people make so many payments by card, probably several times a day. And, here only one payment and that winning! I have been motivated by the victory and now decide to pay with a card in shops and other points of sale more often. It’s really convenient and saves time.


We remind you that the action started on April 1 and will end on September 30, 2019. Every month, at the end of each round within the framework of the action, two winners, who will receive 2500 TJS each, will be identified. Following the action, the luckiest participant will be able to win the main prize amounting to 25 000 TJS. In addition, 100 TJS additional cash prizes will award to 100 most active customers.

The participants who won in the intermediate rounds also have a chance to take part in the drawing of the main prize – 25 000 TJS.

We congratulate our participants with the victory and encourage our other customers to take an active part in the action. Good luck to you in future!

The list of points of trade and services, wh ere you can make a cashless payment, you can find on our website by clicking on the link: 


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