The Action "Bank Eskhata - Unistream" is in high!

The Action "Bank Eskhata - Unistream" is in high!

As a result of the joint action of the Bank Eskhata and International payment system Unistream, 25 winners were presented with mobile phones. First winners were awarded in money transfer service offices in Khujand by Olim Akhmedov, the Director of sales development board of the sales development Management and maintenance of partner banks in the near foreign countries about OJSC CB Unistream. They participated in the awarding, too: Deputy Head of the Department of customers Relations Jacqueline Almukova and coordinator for the money transfer development Erkin Barotov.

Olim Akhmedov marked that this action is held exclusively with Bank Eskhata because here is set high-quality and operative work with money transfers. And the extensive network of bank offices all over the country provides additional opportunities for the development and growth dynamics of money transfer amounts by the system Unistream. "It is better to get money and a gift in addition than simply getting a money transfer", - added Olim Akhmedov.

We remind that the action has started on May 24 and will be valid for three months. After the first month the happy owners of mobile phones were already defined. They were customers received transfers in Bank Eskhata offices by the system Unistream. Every day there was played a prize in one of money transfer offices. The action will last until August 24, and it gives a real chance for Bank Eskhata customers to become owners of mobile phones.

According to Deputy head of client relations Jacqueline Almukova, this action is intended both for customers and for the operators themselves, because they will be motivated for customers attraction and good performance.


The Unistream system came to the market long before the bank Unistream was established. It took place in 2001. The Unistream system was developed with a view of rapid growth of migration flows and economic growth in general. Customers were offered the lowest rates - only 1% of the amount transferred. And the service quality did not concede to more expencive market "players". The demand was huge, the number of customers rapidly increased.

Turnovers also grew: in a few years the annual is calculated not millions but billions of dollars. The Unistream has got a successful experience in payments over 12 years. The system successfully develops as a global project. Own service network is in Cyprus, Greece and the UK, working in over 100 countries of the world.

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