We've crossed the 100 000 000 point!

We've crossed the 100 000 000 point!

The Bank Eskhata continues its active growth, increasing the credit portfolio. It's illustrated by the index of 100 millions US dollars. The growth and development of the credit portfolio is reached through the hard and diligent work of all credit managements employees of the Bank Eskhata. Everyone of our employees makes his own contribution to the Bank progress. they constantly improve their knowledge by the way of various trainings participation as the special attention is paid to their professional growth and development.

Also the Bank Eskhata's success is achieved due to credence of many thousands customers. Our Bank is focused on its customers and by this fact it provides them profitable terms.

"Individual attitude to every client ensuring maximum comfort and affordable credit terms, this is what attracts our customers", - marked in Bank Credit Department.

The Bank Eskhata has got a great perspective both to credit portfolio growth and personnel development.

We congratulate the Bank team with this achievement, and we wish to move forward only! This success to be the way to strengthen further Bank prosperity and avowal of our honorable customers and partners.

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