Eskhata Bank opens opportunity to farmers to get grant within the ECTAP project

Eskhata Bank opens opportunity to farmers to get grant within the ECTAP project

Season of the spring sowing is at the height. It especially touches farmers and those who is close to the agrarian sector. In order to provide continuing works and effective sowing, additional funds are in need.

For development of the rural sector and business in Tajikistan, Eskhata Bank approved the Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Programme (ECTAP), financed by the EBRD and the EU. This project provides financing for purchases of farm machinery and equipment approved by the EBRD. In this case, there is an opportunity to receive a grant for 20% of the loan cost. Financing will help farmers to conduct agricultural work efficiently and without difficulties.

Alidjon Suleimanov, the coordinator for the development of agrocredit in Eskhata Bank – noted that for today the project is launched in all areas of the bank's presence. “We hope that this project will give nice results” – he added.

Farms and private businesspersons have an opportunity to purchase easy loans for the development of seed production, horticulture and viticulture, the development of the livestock sector and providing the population with meat and dairy products. Now, in order to provide clients with access to this type of lending and successful implementation of the pilot project, seminars were held in the Eskhata Bank units located in cities and districts of the Republic within the framework of the ECTAP project. Representatives of the Eskhata Bank and consultants of the ECTAP programme shared their knowledge and experience within the new project. Certificates were given to the participants according to the seminar results.


The ECTAP was started in December of 2014; term of the realization is 4.5 years (until May of 2019). The project is for the development of agricultural production of food, processing and marketing in Tajikistan. ECTAP is financed by the EU, EBRD and the KfW.

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