Eskhata Bank supported young businessmen-beginners

Eskhata Bank supported young businessmen-beginners

On April 13 and 14, the National Library of Tajikistan was full of young persons. Here youth fr om all over Tajikistan gathered to take part in the final tour of the contest “Young Businessman” within business forum of young businesspersons. Those participants passed several steps of training before entering the final round of the competition, wh ere in teams they defended their innovative business projects. As a result, 8 teams became winners of the contest “Young Businessman”.

As a supporter of the entrepreneurship development and introduction of innovations, Eskhata Bank with great pleasure supported this project, providing cash prizes to the 8 teams that won the competition.

Up to Eskhata Bank, support of businessmen-beginners in the Year of Youth is both support of good initiative and realization of strategic tasks. One of them is directed to assistance and implementation of innovative projects.

It is pleasant that desire of Tajik youth for business in the country tells about their wish to build future with great confidence. It is known that this is facilitated by the Government of Tajikistan, which provides all opportunities for the creation and development of entrepreneurship in the country. There are also important assistance and support of those truly successful and established as businesspersons of Tajikistan, which as well make their contribution.

In this case, contribution of Eskhata Bank is made into start of new business projects implementation of both social and commercial character. At the same time, it is assistance to job creation aimed on economic development of the country. We hope that new innovative projects of our youth will become one of cost-effective projects in the future, and probably, they will solve social problems of the society.

Eskhata Bank wishes all young businessmen-beginners success on the way to set goals and prosperous building their starting business!

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