Eskhata Bank offers plastic cards in a new design

Eskhata Bank offers plastic cards in a new design

Do you want to have your photo on your banking card? We can give you such an opportunity!

For the first time Eskhata Bank offers especial opportunity to the customers to be cardholders with individual design.

Now there would be offered variety of new card designs, developed on different themes to your choice. Customers are also able to order individual card providing their design in electronic variant. There might be your image, photos of your close persons, your child or just any picture of your wish!

Just think over, what is your dream, which goal is the main in your life and give us design of your wish! It is well known that visualization always helps to reach goal, and making a glance to your card once a day at least, you always will remember about your dream and seek to its realization.

Individual card of the customer is issued only for local cards. Its term is 2 years; its cost is 60 Somoni. The card design should correspond to the bank requirements, which means not using prohibited images. The bank has the right to refuse card issue to the customer, if the provided design of him does not meet the approved requirements.

Today you can hardly find a bank offering such kind of service, and Eskhata Bank gives it to you. Individual card design allows you to be distinguished among people; it becomes a financial tool as well as fashionable accessory.

Emphasize your personality with a new design of your card! For more information, apply to the contact-center of Eskhata Bank: +992-44-600-0-600.

We become closer to you!

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