Eskhata Bank presented issue of corporate bonds

Eskhata Bank presented issue of corporate bonds

On April 6, in the Head Office of the OJSC “Bank Eskhata” there was held a business meeting with bank customers, representatives of different business structure of the Sughd province. The meeting was organized within implementation of the new bank project “Issue of corporate bonds”, realized together with OJSC “Central-Asian Stock Exchange” and the brokerage company “Prime Invest” Ltd. Their leaders were invited to the meeting: Chairman of the Stock Exchange Alisher Shernazarov and Director of the brokerage company Navruz Khotamov.

Chairman of the Management Board of Eskhata Bank Khurshed Nosirov opened the event. In his speech, he expressed gratitude to all guests for allotted time. He explained aim of the meeting, specifically introducing new banking service – issue of corporate bonds – to the customers. Kh. Nosirov marked that implementation of the new project will create a favorable impulse for the further development of the securities market in Tajikistan.

Next, Chairman of the OJSC “Central-Asian Stock Exchange” Alisher Shernazarov presented new product and explained its advantages. In his speech, Alisher Shernazarov showed comparison between securities and banking deposits. Through examples, he visually demonstrated financial benefits that customers will receive in the event of investing their funds in bonds. He marked that investing in bonds is a good way of diversification of their deposits, which bring a significant income for the short period.

Later, Chairman of the Stock Exchange gave detailed data on activity of the Central-Asian Stock Exchange, explained procedure and advantages of issuing their own securities.

After little break, second part of the meeting was discussion. Guests of the event asked questions of interest to them and received professional answers from representatives of the Stock Exchange and the Brokerage Company.

Generally, the meeting was held on a positive note. At the end, there were concluded agreements with the customers interested in the new product of the bank, for the acquisition of corporate bonds of OJSC "Banka Eskhata".

This is the second meeting, which is organized by the bank in cooperation with OJSC "Central Asian Stock Exchange" and the brokerage company “Prime Invest” Ltd. Earlier, such kind of meeting was organized in Dushanbe, there were invited clients of bank branches in the south of the Republic.

We would like to remind you that on April 14, the first trading session would be held on the trading floor of OJSC "Central Asian Stock Exchange", public offering of corporate bonds of OJSC "Bank Eskhata" in national currency. Total amount of the bond issue is 20 million Somoni of category "A" by the Official List of the Stock Exchange, for a period of 2 years. The nominal value of one bond is 100 Somoni; the yield from securities will be 22% per annum and will not be taxed. Interest is paid quarterly. At the end of the bond circulation period, they will be repaid at their par value.

Both individuals and legal entities can purchase bonds. For more information, please apply for the bank's contact center at + 992-44-600-0-600.

To purchase bonds, we ask investors to apply for brokerage company “Prime Invest” for following contacts:

Address: 38/1, Rudaki av., Dushanbe Plaza (B block), Dushanbe.

Phone / mobile: (+992 37) 227-73-96; +992-988-79-00-99

Web site:


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