Global Money Week: Successful start and fruitful finish!

Global Money Week: Successful start and fruitful finish!

Global Money Week-2017 came to the end. It was actual from March 27 to April 2 all over the world. Every year this global event covers more than 100 countries of the world, and it is aimed on promotion financial literacy of citizens. This year schoolchildren and students became the target group.

Within the GMW Eskhata Bank realized a plan of events, covering students of middle and higher educational institutes over Tajikistan. To be exact, those cities were Dushanbe, Kurghan-Tubeh, Vahdat, Khujand, Istaravshan and J.Rasulov region. According to the plan of events, high school children and students of local higher institutes have passed training on “Financial literacy for children and youth”, and then they got knowledge on basis of the world economy and the banking system of the country. The best trainers held seminars; they are leading officers of Eskhata Bank, who got learning on financial literacy.

What is money, and how to manage it effectively? How to learn saving money and what are the ways to do this? Why do you need to be a financially literate person? To these and other questions, the seminar participants received exact answers and competent consultations. Seminars were held in an interactive format; guys were active to take part in team games with great pleasure.

Final stage of the GMW-2017 was an excursion to the head office of Eskhata Bank. Students of the third courses of the Tajik State University of Commerce (TSUK) got acquainted with activities of the bank through visiting departments of the back office. The students had a good opportunity to talk with the heads of departments, successful managers and highly qualified specialists of Eskhata Bank. During conversations, they received a lot of useful advices in order to become a prosperous and financially secure person in the future.

It should be noted that during 7 days Eskhata Bank actively promoted its actions within the Global Money Week in social networks, thus indirectly covering tens of thousands of people who in turn witnessed this global event and learned more about Global Money Week.

The GMW-2017 became a successful start for Eskhata Bank to join the global activity; it has passed and come to the end very effectively. We managed to train more than 700 persons from schoolchildren and students. This way we assisted young generation raising their financial education, when we participated in the global social project. We are very glad to that!

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