IPO on Tajikistan stock exchange for the first time!

IPO on Tajikistan stock exchange for the first time!

OJSC “Bank Eskhata” announce the first trades, public offering of two-year corporate bonds in the national currency. They will be held on April 14 of 2017 in the trading point of the OJSC “Stock Exchange of the Central Asia” (next: Stock Exchange).

Heads of governmental departments and agencies, managers and representatives of the financial sphere and investors will be invited to the first trades. All interested persons are able to give their application on participation within contacts below.

It is expected that the first emission of corporate bonds will make a favorable impulse for the following development of the equity market. Bonds of Eskhata Bank are liquid securities, and investors can sell them on the secondary market. Organizer of the issue was the brokerage company Prime Invest Ltd., where any of investors can purchase required number of bonds.

Bonds of Eskhata Bank are liquid securities, and investors are able to sell them on the secondary market.

The brokerage company “Prime Invest” Ltd. became an organizer of the issue. Within that company, any investor can purchase the required number of bonds.

Information on the issued bonds.

Eskhata Bank issued two-year bonds for total amount of 20 million TJS, category “A” of the Official list of Stock Exchange, with nominal cost of 100 TJS for everyone. The yield (coupon) of securities is 22% per annum with quarterly coupon payments. The yield on the bonds is not taxed and will be paid out every three months. Both individuals and legal entities can purchase bonds. Repayment of bonds will be carried out at their face value - 100 TJS.

Information on the bank.

OJSC “Bank Eskhata” was found in November of 1993, authorized capital of the bank is 274 million TJS at the beginning of 2017.

The bank is the first and the only in Tajikistan at the moment, which got long-range rating “B3” by the international rating agency “Moody’s investors service” with global scale stable outlook.

Where bonds can be purchased.

It is possible to receive all information about bonds of Eskhata Bank in Contact center by the number +992-44-600-0-600.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, all transactions with securities should be carried out only by authorized broker companies on the Stock Exchange. "Prime Invest" Ltd. is the authorized broker company and the organizer of the issue on bonds of Eskhata Bank.

To buy bonds, we ask investors to contact the brokerage company “Prime Invest”:

Address: 38/1, Rudaki av., Dushanbe Plaza (B block), Dushanbe.

Phone: (+992 37) 227-73-96; +992-988-79-00-99



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