“Magic wand” for customers of the bank.

“Magic wand” for customers of the bank.

Yes! Exactly “Magic Wand” is suitable name for the banking product “Overdraft of payment cards”, which lets to use lacking sum of money "in debt".

For example, you or some of your family unfortunately fell ill, and you urgently have to purchase medicines. But the salary is still far away… Here the overdraft will help you! When you get instant access to money funds, you can easily solve your problems at the same moment! And you have this opportunity every day the whole year!

If you are already holder of the payment card of Eskhata Bank and you are a member of the payroll project, or you are customer of services “Eskhata Express” and “Quartet”, but still did not register Overdraft, then hurry up to join those who have already done that. By the reason that there might be any kind of situations when Overdraft is just essential!

For additional information, you are welcome to apply the Contact center of Eskhata Bank or read at the webpage.

Do not miss your chance, register your Overdraft and stay always sufficient!

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