You helped them to become winners!

You helped them to become winners!

Shahnoza Sodikova, operator of money transfers in the Eskhata Bank branch in Shohmansur district, Dushanbe, was awarded with LED TV-set. When she participated in the «WU Premium» program, she became winner of the super prize from the International Money Transfer System Western Union. The unit office, in which she works, is recognized to be the best in Eskhata Bank.

We remind that the Western Union Company introduced the special program “WU Premium” for key partners in Tajikistan. This program is directed to the staff motivation, who are involved in the process of customer service within the WU system. One more direction is keeping high level of knowledge about products and services of the payment system, and with a goal to make quality of the customer service in partner’s offices better.

According to the program condition, money transfer operators of all offices of Eskhata Bank, who fulfilled the set plan on number of money transfers, they have got a chance to become holders of the gift token par value 50 USD.

It is pleasant that our operators took active part in this program, and the best ones were rewarded, and they had won. Shahnoza Sodikova is among them, she is the main winner of the program and 10 her colleagues else:

  • Parvina Askarova, MT operator of the Khujand branch.
  • Rushana Rajabova, MT operator of the Khujand branch.
  • Rahim Sultanov, MT operator of the BSC “Sharque 86a”, Head Office.
  • Zamira Yakubova, MT operator of the Kurgan-Tubeh branch.
  • Aziza Bobjonova, MT operator of the Tursunzoda branch.
  • Manija Sanginova, MT operator of the BSC “Rudaki av. 106/49”, Shohmansur branch.
  • Khurshed Loikov, MT operator of the Penjikent branch.
  • Zarrina Khojaeva, MT operator of the BSC “A.Donish str. 5”, Shohmansur branch.
  • Mijgona Mirzoeva, MT operator of the BSC “Kushteppa str. 153”, Dushanbe branch.
  • Shavkat Hayotzoda, MT operator of the BSC “A.Jami str. 145”, Yavan branch.

“WU Premium” program is over. Those who really know how to work with full dedication deserve to be the best. Certainly, it is possible only with a help of our dear customers! Thank you all for using services of Eskhata Bank!

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