Corporate bonds of Eskhata Bank are listed!

Corporate bonds of Eskhata Bank are listed!

of 20 million TJS at the OJSC "Central Asian Stock Exchange". The start date of trading in securities will be announced additionally.

This issue of corporate securities is the first of its kind in Tajikistan. Bonds represent a debt obligation of Eskhata Bank to the holders, which provides for quarterly coupon payments at a rate of 22% per annum in TJS. Nominal value of the bonds is 100 TJS.

Welcoming the first listing of corporate securities, the project manager Shavkat Kalonov - economist of Eskhata Bank, said:

"Approval by the Listing Committee of the Central Asian Stock Exchange of the issue of corporate bonds of OJSC "Bank Eskhata" is yet another - and now final - step on the way to the beginning of securities trading. It is worth noting that each of the interested parties made every effort to complete every stage of the process. Now, after we have received approval from the Stock Exchange, we will be able to set a trading start date for our securities. Eskhata Bank will open accepting applications from potential investors and from all those who wish to purchase our bonds - individuals and legal entities, by entering into agreements with the brokerage company Prime Invest.

Thus, the bank will be able to meet directly the needs of potential investors for securities. One important factor is the fact that the maximum volume of securities is only 200,000 units with a nominal value of 100 TJS each one, i.е. on the first issue we will be able to sell only 20 million TJS.

However, due to the fact that the interest rate on securities is quite high and fixed at a rate of 22% per annum, with a quarterly payment and without tax deductions, we plan to sell the entire volume in a short time".

As a financial instrument, corporate bonds have long shown their effectiveness in the stock market. These quick exchange instruments give investors both to obtain a stable source of income in various market situations, and to diversify their investments significantly.

We remind that the main purpose of the issue is to attract additional financial resources that will directly affect the expansion of opportunities in the securities market and will help to improve the investment climate in Tajikistan.

About the bank.

OJSC "Bank Eshata" was established on November 16, 1993 and received its license from the NBT to conduct banking activities on November 29, 1994. Since 2005, the Bank's major shareholder is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Eskhata Bank is the first and still the only financial institution in Tajikistan, which has rating by the international rating agency Moody's.

Eskhata Bank is one of the leading banks of the Republic of Tajikistan, one of the five leaders of the country's banking sector. The main activities of the bank are lending to small and medium-sized businesses, cash and settlement services, currency exchange operations, documentary operations, consumer lending, acceptance and placement of deposits from individuals and legal entities, operations with plastic cards, opening of savings accounts, money transfers, etc.

About the broker company.

“Prime Invest” LLC is dynamically developing investment / Broker Company, professional participant of the securities market in Tajikistan. "Prime Invest" is a financial advisor to Bank Eskhata on the issue and sale of securities. The company received a license of a professional participant of the securities market under registration number No. 01-20. Certificate of state registration: 0410028355 dated September 18, 2015.

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