Good sowing makes a rich harvest for agrarians.

Good sowing makes a rich harvest for agrarians.

The second month of winter is going over, and spring is coming soon. This will be a time of new concerns and hard working for agrarians and farm holders. Nevertheless rich harvest depends on timely and quality sowing.

Now there is a better access to banking funds for Tajik farmers to do spring sowing works, fertilize arable land and harvesting, for purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Eskhata Bank proposes agro loans for all those whose life is directly connected with land, who consider welfare and well-being of his nation as a primary thing. If you need loan funds for timely start of sowing works, apply to offices of Eskhata Bank then. Our specialists are always ready to help you!

Lending proposition of the bank relies to all sphere of the agriculture, such as cotton growing, stock raising, horticulture and viticulture, bee keeping and production of honey, and other. Eskhata Bank proposes lending funds both in TJS and in USD for a period of 12 to 24 months.

“Our task is to assist development of the agricultural sphere”, - marked coordinator on agro loans of Eskhata Bank Alijon Sulaymonov.

Operation of Eskhata Bank in agro lending is directed to assistance in improvement of the agricultural sphere and in support of Tajik landholders.

In future Eskhata Bank wishes to continue its fruitful operation in that direction for the sake of prosperity of the agriculture in Tajikistan!

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