Members of the «Young Businessmen School» visited branch office "Shohmansur"

Members of the «Young Businessmen School» visited branch office "Shohmansur"

First time members of the «Young Businessmen School» (YBS) visited the branch of Eskhata Bank in Shohmansur district of Dushanbe city. They were introduced the banking activity. But the main goal of their visit was improvement of their financial skills and building confidence to banks and banking.

The branch chiefs received the club members with pleasure. There were young and perspective boys and girls, who took guided tour about the branch to know activities of each department.

After the tour, they invited guests to one of the rooms to show presentation on the operation of Eskhata Bank. The main emphasis was made on financial skills, which is given much attention previously and which is one of the direction of Eskhata Bank operation.

The second part of the meeting was a dialog, when the YBS members got answers for their questions. One of them, named Aziza, marked: “We are very pleased that the staff of such a large bank invited us to the office where we could both to know the banking operation and to watch daily working process with our eyes. In addition, we were able to receive important for us information about the way how to be financially skilled person and to start personal business. Thanks to Eskhata Bank!”

It is necessary to say that the «Young Businessmen School» is union of young, constructive, active, capable, goal-oriented, smart like-minded persons.

The club is oriented on cooperation of companies and businesspersons, business coaches, experts, advisors and investors, who are ready to share their ideas, groundworks and relations. They do their best to create mutually advantageous partnership, for revolution in business conditions and for economy progress in the Republic of Tajikistan generally on local and international levels.

The school is found under the Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan on works about youth, sports and tourism. Its leader is young head Dilshod Juraev.

Assistance to the YBC in 2017 is timely and actual, because 2017 is announced as the Year of Youth.

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