New easy-to-use service by Eskhata Bank

New easy-to-use service by Eskhata Bank

What is going to be when your payment card is lost? There is quite high risk that your card will get cheat hands, and they will be able to use it while it is active.

Traditionally, in order to block a card you had to visit office of the bank issued your card and to give report of your card loss. It was in the past.

But today you do not need to visit the bank personally and to spend your valuable time. If you have already enabled “SMS-Informing” service by Eskhata Bank, then you are enough to send text message with special command to the number:


If you are holder of the international card VISA, then you should send messages to the number:


This way you can block your card quickly. Outgoing messages are absolutely free to those numbers!

Along with blocking card, you are able to do more actions using following commands for text message:

  • Block – (temporary) blocking payment card
  • Unblock – unblocking banking card
  • Status – status (balance) of the banking card
  • Limit – information on the card balance.

“SMS-Informing” service by Eskhata Bank informs the cardholder about all changes on his card. The service cost is 3 TJS per month. To subscribe it, you are enough to call the Contact Center of Eskhata Bank to the number +992446000600 and to file an application.

Subscribe the “SMS-Informing” service by Eskhata Bank and keep informing on your account balance!

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