New Year to begin with new office

New Year to begin with new office

New Year holiday has gone, now we began working again. But working is in new office and with new inspiration!

Morning of January 4, the first working day of 2017, has begun with solemn meeting for the Eskhata Bank branch in Dushanbe city. The reason for that became opening new building for customer service at the branch office.

The main entrance of the new building was decorated with balloon cope, people stood around. There were Furkat Hasanov – director of the Eskhata Bank branch in Dushanbe city, Nigina Jabborova – director of the branch in Ghissar, office staff and customers.

Furkat Hasanov made congratulatory address, by which he expressed gratitude to everyone. He wished they could continue united development of Eskhata Bank and Tajikistan as a whole. Let that new building bring new spirit both to the staff and to customers inspiring them for new plans and activities.

Cutting symbolic red ripe gave start to the new office operation. There was prepared stand-up meal with big cake for all guests.

Along with this event, the best workers of the branch were marked and awarded with cash prizes and certificates for their hard working and for achievement of significant marks in their tasks realization. We wish them to get still more success in the 2017 year, and to reach new heights!

Just before the holidays, loan officers made mass marketing at the Dushanbe branch office. The subject was special New Year offer of Eskhata Bank “Discount 17%”. Every customer and passerby got pamphlet with offer conditions. Bank officers consulted people and promoted the offer.

You are welcome to visit the branch office of Eskhata Bank and to use any of banking services:

  • Settlement account
  • Deposits
  • Lending
  • Remittances
  • Plastic cards
  • Currency exchange and other

Our address: N.Karoboev str.16, Dushanbe.

We are always glad to you!

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