Are you still in search of offices and ATMs of Eskhata Bank?

Are you still in search of offices and ATMs of Eskhata Bank?

Then the map of Eskhata Bank coverage will help you!

Banking system comes to our lives closer; more banking offices and MDOs are opened around us. In the context of the fast-growing geographical coverage, it is not easy to our citizens to focus on access to banking services. And everyone can understand how it is difficult to look for ATM in other town.

Eskhata Bank is active participant of the financial market. It always puts a goal of expanding the service network of offices in Tajikistan and becoming closer to customers. Eskhata Bank opens access to financial services to customers and provide them with high quality service. This way the Bank does its best in order to provide citizens and guests of our republic in general with more convenience and comfort.

Our customers become technologically and technically competent using up-to-date media and gadgets. Eskhata Bank follows the trends and implements all new and technological. We always keep the pace!

“Alive” map is available on the site of Eskhata Bank, where our branches, banking offices and even ATMs have marks. All over Tajikistan! When you press any of marks, there will be information and address about this point. By the side, when you zoom in, you can see nearest reference points as shops, hospitals, schools and other. You can get more information of this usable service and then to use it by the link.

At the beginning of December of 2016, there are 22 branches, Operational Management at the Head Office, and 295 banking centers in major part of the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

You are always welcome!

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