Eskhata Bank continues to issue easy credits

Eskhata Bank continues to issue easy credits

Eskhata Bank issues easy credits within the CLIMADAPT project financing by EBRD. According to the project conditions, those easy credits are issued to business class, agrarians and householders for the purpose to use modern techs and saving production in business and agro sector.

Reasonable interest rates and long term in aggregate with free technical support and consultations become advantageous and timely way of development of quality and effective technologies in national economy.

There was held a seminar in the Hissar branch of Eskhata Bank, its subject was a program of effective use of water and energy resources. Coordinators of the CLIMADAPT project Farruh Kasimov and Jamila Saidova provided reliable and necessary information to loan officers of the branch in order they could use it during their work with customers. The regional manager Khayom Hudoidodov organized the seminar.

Director of the Eskhata Bank branch in Hissar Nigina Jabborova has marked that this seminar became timely and essential for loan officers, because demand for this kind of credits grows every day among our citizens. In winter season, this financing is actual for householders to winterize walls of house or flat, to install new windows and doors and other possible works.

Farmers and agrarians have demands to install irrigation system, water-well drilling and construction of green houses. They help to get rich harvest with minimum costs.

Small and medium productive businesses, which need upgraded and saving productive equipment, they especially are welcome to use those loans.

Participants of the seminar believe that after this training number and volume of issued loans in the project CLIMADAPT will grow in quality!

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