Eskhata Bank issues bonds!

Eskhata Bank issues bonds!

Eskhata Bank announce the issue of corporate bank bonds. The main purpose of the issuance is attraction of additional financial resources, which will directly affect the expansion of opportunities in the securities market and which will contribute to improving the investment climate in Tajikistan.

Eskhata Bank became the first bank in the country to receive approval by the ministry of finance of the RT for issuance of corporate bonds. The Bank has a plan to place them on the Central Asian stock exchange mediated by the brokerage company “Prime Invest”.

"A bond of the commercial bank is a valuable tool by which the holder is entitled to receive the nominal value in monetary terms, as well as coupon yields and other proprietary rights. In other words, the investor who buys bank bonds can get invested money summed with coupon yields after the period set in conditions. A bond is a kind of alternative to bank deposits" – marked in the interview Shavkat Kalonov, the project manager, economist of Eskhata Bank.

Bonds denominated in TJS 100 are issued at the total amount of TJS 20 million for circulation up to 2 years at the interest rate of 22% per annum. Selling bonds is open, i.e. anyone can buy the bank bonds. More information on purchasing the bonds is available on the website of "Prime Invest” Ltd.

Information about the bank.

OJSC “Eskhata Bank” was established on November 16 of 1993, it has got the license to perform banking on November 29 of 1994. Since 2005, the EBRD is principal shareholder. Eskhata Bank is the only financial institute in Tajikistan now to have rating by “Moody’s”.

Eskhata Bank is one of the leading banks in Tajikistan, which is in the top-five of the leaders in banking sector of the country. The main directions in banking activity are lending small and medium business, cash settlement, currency exchange, documentary operations, consumer loans, reception and placing deposits from individuals and legal entities, operations with banking cards, opening saving accounts and remittances and others.

Information about the brokerage company

“Prime Invest” Ltd. is fast growing investment / brokerage company, professional participant of the securities market in Tajikistan. “Prime Invest” financial consultant of Eskhata Bank on issue and selling bonds. The company possesses the license of professional participant of the securities market under the registry serial #01-20. Certificate of state registration: 0410028355 from 2015.18.09.

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