I.Babajanov: “We will continue our cooperation with Eskhata Bank”

I.Babajanov: “We will continue our cooperation with Eskhata Bank”

In dedication to the 25th anniversary of the State Independence of Tajikistan OJSC “Eskhata Bank” in association with “Sughdneft” Ltd. held a marketing campaign. Customers-holders of Eskhata Bank payment cards get 2% discount when refueling vehicles in gas stations of the "Sughdneft" company. To make it convenient, there are set POS-terminals of the Eskhata Bank in all points of the "Sughdneft" company in the purpose of making non-cash payments.

According to the Bank, as a result, turnover of POS-terminals increased by 52% for two months of the special offer, sales amount of “Sughdneft” increased by 29% during the offer, 10% of which are related to the opening new gas station. In total expression, we can see an increase in sales by 37%.

The joint project is one of the areas of motivation programs for customers of both Eskhata Bank and “Sughdneft". More information about this project we will take fr om the commercial director of "Sughdneft" Ltd., Babajanov Ilkhomjon Inomjonovich.

Mister Ilkhomjon Inomjonovich, the “Sughdneft” company was found in 2012, it is specialized in retail and wholesale of fuels and lubricants. You hold the post of commercial director in this company. Tell please, what achievements has the company got over the years of activity?

By the fact that there is no local refinery in Tajikistan, we wished originally to build a good modern petrochemical base, which would meet all safety requirements and customer needs. We planned to build a network of gas stations across Tajikistan, especially in rural areas, so that people could have access to high-quality fuels and lubricants, such as gas, petrol and diesel.

Because the "Sughdneft" company is located in the Northern Tajikistan, it makes logistics of petroleum products more convenient and affordable at minimal cost compared to other stations, as well as distribution of imported petroleum products to gas stations.  

Today, there are five gas stations of "Sughdneft" Ltd., the latest of which was opened in the micro district 27 of Khujand just before celebration of the State Independence of Tajikistan. Our gas stations operate round the clock, which allows drivers to refuel their cars at any time.

During its lifetime, the "Sughdneft" company has effective cooperation with partners from Russia as PJSC «Bashneft", PJSC "Gazprom", OJSC "Rosneft", Orsk Refinery (JSC "ForteInvest"), and from Kazakhstan - "Atyrau Refinery" Ltd., Pavlodar refinery and others.

For several years, the "Sughdneft" collaborates with Eskhata Bank in terms of financial performance and in the quality service of our joint customers as well.

During its activity, the "Sughdneft" company established a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality fuel to citizens of Sughd province. We know that within incentive programs your company offers your customers bonus program of discounts and different kinds of motivation. For example, mutual marketing campaign with Eskhata Bank, which covered customers of both “Sughdneft” and Eskhata Bank. When they refuel their car at gas stations "Sughdneft", customers are able to pay with banking card and to get a 2% discount on fuel. What impact had this partnership with Eskhata Bank on the activity of your company?

First, we are very pleased that the Eskhata Bank met us halfway, so we were able to implement our joint project and to do it very successfully by the way. According to the campaign results, sales increased by 29%, which is a good indicator.

Brand of Eskhata Bank had important matter of success. Since Eskhata Bank operates for 22 years, its brand is more recognizable to the public. In addition, if your bank has more than 50,000 cardholders in Sughd region, and Sughdneft has only 1000 ones, then, of course, efficiency is automatically increased.

It is encouraging that now we are the first among other companies operating in the field of petroleum products, which have implemented a joint project to increase the retail trade.

Through the joint campaign, we have managed to attract many customers and to increase sales. I think we should not stop there, but to continue our partnership. Perhaps, we can even come up with a new project for our company and for the customers, making it more profitable and affordable.

It is known that the current crisis has affected the work of many companies, including the large ones. What can you say about the impact of the crisis on your company? And what is it – to lead the company during the crisis?

No doubt, the crisis had negative impact on activities of many companies, including the large ones. Only some of them can survive this period without any loss. To keep your head above the water at least, it is necessary to review all the expenses of the company, to optimize them. In advance, it should be able to anticipate and to analyze the situation correctly. For business is like a minefield, wh ere every step might be wrong and easily undermined. Therefore, you should choose the right path and in-depth analysis before stepping forward.

I think the hardest part is behind us, although the crisis is still ongoing. But even after the crisis, many companies will need time to recover and to regain their place in the market.

What is the strategy of your company for the nearest years?

By 2018, "Sughdneft" Ltd. plans to enter the top three in selling volumes of petroleum products in the Sughd province through retail sales at its gas stations and through wholesale of petroleum products over the Tajikistan. We are planning to expand coverage through the construction of 50 gas stations all over the country.

We develop our company by attracting foreign investment. In this regard, we are in negotiations to sign the loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to USD 5 million at 8.5% per annum and term of 6 years. With funding from the ADB, we will forward it to the construction of additional gas stations in the Sughd region, which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018. Next is construction of gas stations in the southern region in 2019 - 2020 years: they are towns and districts of Dushanbe, Tursunzoda, Hissar, Shakhrinav, Kurgan-Tyube, Kulob, Khorog, and others.

Our plans include collaboration with Kazakhstan producers and refineries. In other words, importation of their products to Tajikistan, as well as providing good service and quality products to each customer, offering them to take advantage of a variety of bonus programs.

And, of course, we continue to cooperate with Eskhata Bank as it is one of the leading banks in the country, which develops rapidly, providing advanced services to its customers.

We work with the motto. "From the factory to the car tank". Our priority is customer orientation. We are going to the goal that after making his first purchase, customer is coming back for the second and subsequent times, and in this way, he is to become our regular customer. This direction is associated with the new bonus program. In addition, in the near future, we will be able to provide customers with the opportunity to maintain records of purchased fuel independently, using new application in the Internet. Thus, customers will be able to balance the family budget, which will enhance their financial literacy.

This year is coming to its end, and we are on the eve of the New Year, 2017. What would you like to wish to your friends, partners, workers and customers in the new coming year?

The main is that the year to be successful for everyone, without any drawbacks. I wish all of us to get through the financial crisis safely, and Eskhata Bank to achieve new victories, progresses, success in operation.

I want to reiterate that we are very easy to work with your bank because Eskhata Bank has a wide network of branches throughout the country. I can always get through to you, if I have an offer. Together we work on correcting mistakes, discuss the results of operations, as the bank was very helpful to us in development of our retail business. Let the New Year would be effective for us in terms of cooperation and realization of new projects.

Thank you for interesting conversation. In turn, Eskhata Bank wishes you prosperity and achievement of strategic goals in 2017.

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