We are 22 years!

We are 22 years!

Dear friends!
On November 29, 2016, there is the 22nd anniversary of the Eskhata Bank foundation. During those years, the bank has passed the way of formation and development. 22 years of hard working, progress, professional growth, implementation of modern techs and new services, expanding geographical coverage, new recognitions and victories. Eskhata Bank express gratitude and appreciation to the shareholders, customers and partners for their commitment and loyalty to our bank. We assure you that continuing the mutually beneficial cooperation in 2017 we will be able to realize new ideas and plans for the development and welfare of our society!
During the last week, we receive birthday greetings from our partners: TV-company “SM-1”, “Tcell” mobile company, “Gazprom Neft – Tajikistan” LTD, “Obi Zulol” LTD.
Here they are:

“Bank Eskhata is one of leading financial institutions. Activity of this bank is proper to personnel policy, innovation and attention to customer needs. Sustainability of the bank depends on customers’ confidence. Management attained to this confidence only together with good qualified professionals.
We are proud of cooperation with this bank, for it prove high social responsibility.
Ilkhom Khoshimov,
Chief Editor, TVRC “SM-1’”

“Dear Hurshed Dilovarovich! On my own behalf and on behalf of the whole team of "Gazprom Neft - Tajikistan" Ltd. I send birthday greetings to you and your staff on the Day of formation of the JSC "Eskhata Bank"! I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, well-being in the family, inexhaustible energy and great work achievements! Let good luck accompany the realization of all your plans and ideas!
Yours faithfully,
F.S. Mirzoev
CEO "Gazprom Neft - Tajikistan" Ltd.”

“Happy Birthday, Eskhata Bank!
I sincerely congratulate the Eskhata Bank staff on the 22nd anniversary of its successful work in the market of banking services!
The confidence, which the bank deservedly enjoys customers, prestige and stable position - all this is the result of high professionalism and love for your work of all the team members.
I am sure that experience, rich history, traditions, knit team help Eskhata Bank to stay in the position of leaders in banking sphere of Tajikistan.
Health, strength and success to you and your families!
Mindaugas Ubartas
CEO “Indigo Tajikistan” CJSC”

“These days OJSC "Eskhata Bank" celebrates the 22nd anniversary from the date of its formation.
I appreciate that the Eskhata Bank is not restricted to standard-making tasks, but it introduce innovative approaches, modern banking services, which make it more competitive and attractive to the customers and partners.
I sincerely wish to the whole Bank staff, as well as to shareholders, partners and customers further prosperity, good health, well-being and realization of the most daring expectations!
Let the Eskhata Bank always to conquer the heights of success!
"Obi Zulol" CJSC”

One especial greeting we received from the leader of public organization “Parents of children with problems in physical growth and development”, Nazira Muminova:

“In the name of our staff, NGO “Parents of children with problems in physical growth and development”, Khujand, we wish sincere greetings to the Eskhata Bank at the 22nd anniversary. During several years, it is our reliable bank, providing banking service. Every time we come, we feel warm and friendly attitude of the bank's employees, their professional approach.
We are grateful for the fact that Eskhata Bank supports our inclusive concerts “Equal Vision” with participation of Tajik pop stars and talented children, persons with disabilities.
With all our hearts, we wish the Bank to hold always firm and stable position in the financial world! We wish stability and reliability, prosperity and growth, access to new levels and achievement your goals! Health, stress tolerance, attentiveness, accuracy and good spirits!
For many years the bank have been worked, its anniversary has come,
During its operation, it has earned capital.
We sincerely send greetings and wish the best of luck,
To have thousands of customers and always to get prosperity!
Nazira Muminova,
Head of the NGO "Parents of children with developmental problems", Khujand

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