Eskhata Bank is 22! (Greetings of the Media Group “Asia Plus”)

Eskhata Bank is 22! (Greetings of the Media Group “Asia Plus”)

Today, on November 29, JSC “Eskhata Bank” is 22 years old. It seems it was not long ago, when fireworks marked jubilee of the Bank, its 20th anniversary. And in this day, it is a celebration of 22 years of the active work of the Bank.

It has begun on November 29, 1994, when the Eskhata Bank obtained a license from the National Bank of Tajikistan for performing banking operations. Now, this date is celebrated every year as the "Birthday" of the Eskhata Bank.
It should be noted the support provided by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the NBT, which aims to strengthen the entire banking sector of Tajikistan, as an essential element of the market economy. Thanks to the wise policy of the Founder of peace and national unity, the Nation's Leader - President Emomali Rahmon, and thanks to the State Independence of Tajikistan, banking sector had got an opportunity to develop financial performance, and also it was able to implement and to apply new modern approaches in accordance with international standards of service. Another important fact for banks is involvement of the Government in facilitating international economic relations and in opening access to foreign investment, owing to which there is going an active development of the RT economy.

The first steps.

Starting its way during the formation of the state independence, the Eskhata Bank made important steps of development and approval as a reliable and stable partner. Year by year the Bank Eskhata was growing at a heightened pace, developing competitive products of the bank, improving quality of services provided to customers, and thus expanding its presence both in the Sughd region and in the south. Today Eskhata Bank became one of the foremost in Tajikistan. Thus, the bank is leading in remittance services and it is one of the leaders in the spheres of credit and cash settlement, firmly holding position of the financial institution in demand.

Founders of the JSC "Bank Eskhata" are individuals - residents of the Republic of Tajikistan, large companies and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which used to be mentor and principal consultant in basis development of the bank and its first steps; it remains to be significant in today's activity of the Eskhata Bank.

Partnership with international organizations.

During its activity, the Eskhata Bank successfully entered into cooperation in such areas as involvement of international credit lines for financing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, establishment of correspondent relations with foreign banks and international payment systems, money transfer systems. It should be noted that cooperation with international financial institutions such as IFC, KFW, ADB, EBRD, etc. - plays an important role in ensuring image of a reliable partner among foreign and local partners. Dynamic development of the bank is confirmed by various ratings. For example, rating by the leading rating agency Moody's Investors Service - B3. High rating estimates promote further development of the partner network; namely, attracting new investments and international recognition. Equally, they will facilitate successful development of the international business of the Eskhata Bank and its operation in whole.

Banking services.

Settlement and cash services is the start point, from which Eskhata Bank has started its activities. To date, this service is in high demand among legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and financial institutions. The Bank always ensures partners of SCS with liquidity funds, efficiency and quality of the service. Eskhata Bank became the first in Tajikistan to introduce national money transfer system "Soniya", which to date has no analogues in the country and it stays to be very popular among the customers.

Active cooperation with famous international payment systems has repeatedly led to the recognition of the Eskhata Bank as the best in Tajikistan about remittance services, in particular, by the payment system "Western Union". In collaboration with systems "Zolotaya Korona" and "UNISTREAM" Eskhata Bank organized favorable offers after which customer base has grown significantly. Customers - offer participants, in their turn were pleased with prizes and gifts within the offer.

Over the last three years, it has become a tradition to hold special offer "Rushdi Hamkori" for the Eskhata Bank remittances clients. In translation from Tajik language, name of the offer means "Development of the cooperation". The campaign gives people a chance to become owners of valuable prizes from cash awards to cars!

Eskhata Bank offers its customers to take advantage of profitable bank deposits. Stable development of the bank, recognized by rating agencies, presence of reputable investors-customers and their confidence in the bank - everything guarantees safety and increase of invested money. A variety of deposits offered by the bank enables the client to choose the most suitable one for him.

Credit sector is not left as well. Various types of special offers are annually provided for customers of the sphere, and lending conditions become rather profitable. Product line of the Eskhata bank is often widened with new types of credit products. Support of small and medium businesses is still one of the priorities in lending. For corporate customers, the Eskhata Bank uses individual approach, taking into consideration terms of relations and condition of the client's business.

Passing to other kinds of financial services, we would like to mark that the Bank provides various types of payment cards, both international and local. A wide network of ATMs and POS-terminals are available in all branches of the Eskhata Bank and large retail outlets of cities and regions of the country that allows making non-cash payments for purchases at supermarkets, gas stations and other points of service. For convenience of customers, many banking operations can now be carried out through Internet banking services by the Eskhata Bank, such as completion of accounts and cards, payments for mobile and cable TV. It is also possible to do in a convenient mobile application version - Eskhata Mobile Banking with mobile devices based on Android or iOS operating systems.

Applied modern technology and development of new high-quality banking products allow us to speak of a harmonious and stable development of the bank. The Bank is distinguished by professionalism, stability and care about its customers, offering them a large range of high quality financial services through a wide network of service offices. Today there are 22 branches and 295 banking centers of the Eskhata Bank for the most part of the territory of Tajikistan.

Social activity of the bank.

Being socially active and concerned to the problems of society bank, in addition to regularly providing financial assistance to people in need, Eskhata Bank has developed a program of receiving charitable funds through its payment terminals, and also opportunity to send funds to cards of the needy. To date, there are over 480 twenty-four-hour payment terminals in Tajikistan.

Trying to have a positive impact on business development, and accordingly to improve living standards of the population, the bank develops flexible terms of products, and as well it contributes to improving financial literacy of the population. Here Eskhata Bank actively participates in the projects of international organizations such as IFC and MFC, carrying out public awareness about right approach to lending, imparting culture of saving to them and teaching them the rules of financial management. In this direction, the Bank provides free trainings for younger generation, such as students of Tajik universities.

Eskhata Bank keeps its reliability and profitability over the years, meeting its obligations to customers and partners. Bank customers might be individuals and legal entities, as well as financial institutions. Number of the Eskhata Bank employees is about 3000 persons in the current period.

As a longstanding partner of the bank, team of the Media Group “Asia Plus” congratulates the staff of the Eskhata Bank, its shareholders and partners and all customers with 22nd anniversary of fruitful activity with wishes of new victories and further great success!

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