Western Union awarded operators of the Eskhata Bank

Western Union awarded operators of the Eskhata Bank

International Payment System of remittances “Western Union” developed special program “WU Premium” for key partners in Tajikistan. The program is directed to motivate staff involved in the process of remittance service through the system “WU”; also to maintain a high level of knowledge about the products and services of the payment system, as well as to improve quality of customer service in the partner offices. Eskhata Bank, as the key and long-term partner of the Western Union, actively participated in this program. The program “WU Premium” has started on September 1 and it is going to be actual until December 15 of 2016. According to its terms, remittance operators of all the Eskhata Bank branches would complete the plan by the number of remittances.
By the results of each month, those operators who carry out the plan, they will receive a gift certificate equivalent to the nominal value of US $50 for the purchase of goods in techno-mall «VOLNA». There might be up to 50 remittance operators, who can become winners!
Results of the first month are known now, the winners are following:

  • Bakhtovar Kholov – remittance operator in Dushanbe branch, ul. N.Karabaev 16.
  • Matluba Vakhobova – remittance operator in Buston branch (f. Chkalov), ul. Lenin 2.
  • Shakhnoza Sodikova – remittance operator in Shohmansur branch, Dushanbe, ul. Adhamov 11.
  • Sodikzoda Mullokarim – remittance operator in Dushanbe branch, ul. S.Sherozi 66/3.
  • Nigina Mansurova – remittance operator in Isfara branch, ul. Markazi 29/1.
  • Rakhim Sultonov – remittance operator in Head Office, Khujand, ul. Sharq 86a.
  • Zamira Yakubova – remittance operator in Yavan branch, ul. Khushvakt 2a.
The program “WU Premium” is going on, by the results of the second month there will be found more winners, the best operators, whose names we will share later. In addition, by the results of the year, nomination “The Most Productive Office” will take effect. That office of Eskhata Bank, which make the maximum of remittance sending by the payment system “Western Union” during the program, it will win a SUPER PRIZE: gift certificate for purchase of goods or services for a quite large sum!
Western Union and Eskhata Bank are glad to hand over gift certificates to above-mentioned remittance operators of the Bank, who can work with full dedication and who are worthy to be the best.
In conclusion, we would like to note that due to the «WU Premium» program we jointly achieve the set goals: increase growth in the number of sending remittance by the Western Union, providing high-quality service to customers and increase customer loyalty to brands of Western Union and Eskhata Bank.

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