Eskhata Bank held the training seminar “Effective Operating Management”

Eskhata Bank held the training seminar “Effective Operating Management”

It is well known that manager is involved in most work situations requiring certain actions and quick decision-making fr om him. If you are manager, you probably are familiar with this situation, when, because of its importance and urgency, flow of affairs does not allow you to do strategic objectives, namely, to sit down and reflect, where and how to move on.
In order managers could move from the daily routine to effective operational management, Eskhata Bank held training “Effective operating management”. This is one of series of seminars, which had chiefs of departments and banking centers as a target audience. The first were managers of remittances, the next were chiefs of banking centers and credit departments of the bank branches from the southern part of the country. Recently similar seminar was held at the Bank’s head office for chiefs of banking centers of the northern part of the country.
Seminar trainers Nosirjon Oripov and Sayora Kholova explained to participants a difference between chief and manager introducing them a set of competences of the real leader for effective management of subordinates’ performance. Trainers talked about mistakes that prevent the chief to be effective manager and how they can be avoided. There were demonstrated types of workers to the participants, which approach should be applied to each of typecasting; they talked about the role of regulations in the operational management and methods of implementation and maintenance of regulations. The special attention was paid to the four basic functions of management, namely, delegation, coordination, control and motivation.
The training seminar was held in intensive mode. In order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, trainers used interesting slides, group working, wh ere participants were immersed into the pace at which manager had to live every day. Workshop participants were trained new behavior patterns in congested operating conditions, in order to deal with routine and a large volume of tasks timely and efficiently, in parallel using right approach to their subordinates.
Trainers of the seminar are grateful to the participants for their activity and interest in the seminar and hope that this training in the near future will bear fruit for the benefit of our common cause: intensive development of the bank's activities.

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