Stable Moving Ahead!

Stable Moving Ahead!

“Stable moving ahead” – these words can be told about Eskhata Bank operation in first nine months of 2016. During the report period, Bank has proved reputation of stable financial institution even using present crisis circumstances to become even more effective and competitive in the market of Tajikistan, more comfortable and attractive for customers.
Certainly, worsening economic situation and decrease of public credit needs in Tajikistan could not stop affecting financial performance of the Bank in different directions. However, leaving all affects, Eskhata Bank kept the most important value, which is confidence of the customers. Keeping trustworthy and long-term relations with customers is advantage of Eskhata Bank activity!
As at 2016.30.09, volume of balance assets of the Eskhata Bank is 303.2 million TJS, which is 3.5% more than in the second report quarter of the current year. The Bank’s assets increased by 6.3% and totaled 1,703 million TJS. Net profit thus amounted to 20.5 million TJS.
Balance of the Eskhata Bank's loan portfolio in the reporting period, excluding loans to credit institutions, decreased by 1.8%, as compared with the second quarter of this year, and amounted to 1,019 million TJS. Including volume of microcredits amounted to 624.5 million TJS; reduction is reached nearly 6%. Total amount of issued loans amounted to 1,142.8 million TJS, which is more than 9.5%, as compared to the same period of the last year. For the first nine months of 2016, growth of deposit portfolio is also marked by 12.4% representing amount of 756.8 million TJS as at 2016.30.09.
Today priority direction in Eskhata Bank for retail business sphere stays implementation of modern banking services. Being one of stable financial institutions in Tajikistan, Eskhata Bank improves its services every day in order to provide convenience and comfort for customers. Improving such services as self-payment machines, Internet-Banking system, ATM-network service promote growth of customers’ loyalty and simplification of their everyday tasks.
One more growth in retail business should be marked in plastic card service. This sphere is still in development stage in Tajikistan. Therefore, with development of plastic card business, Eskhata Bank promote non-cash payments and modern banking technologies in the Tajik market. Thus, as at 2016.30.09, there are almost 73,000 holders. Here is increase of 7.2% as compared to the second quarter of this year. In order to provide cardholders with cash timely, there are 73 ATMs, 187 POS-terminals in cash withdrawal banking offices and 44 POS-terminals more in points of service and business.
Following its motto, “We are getting closer”, Eskhata Bank continues to expand its presence on the territory of Tajikistan for timely and quality satisfaction of customers’ needs in banking services. As at 2016.30.09, office network of Eskhata Bank consist of 22 branches and 295 banking centers in major towns and cities of Tajikistan. Number of the Bank staff is 2,970 persons.
Team of Eskhata Bank always approaches to meet demands of customers and partners, pursuing broadening operations and strengthening Bank's position in the financial market of Tajikistan, as one of the leading banks in the country.

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