Understanding is feeling. Feeling is living!

Understanding is feeling. Feeling is living!

“Within sharing help, we receive something important. We become your small part! Because social responsibility for society inspire us to look with equal view” – this way the head of Marketing & Development Department Mirzoibragim Ibragimov addressed to participants of the inclusive concert.
On October 22, the theater named after Kamoli Khujandi in Khujand city for the second time gathered people with disabilities, their close and relatives, and those who give all kinds of help and support to them.
Eskhata Bank became general sponsor of the inclusive concert “Equal View” for this time, too. It provided money prize of 1000 TJS for every participant.
The public organization “Parents of children with developmental problems” realized organization of the concert. The event slogan “Equal view and Equal opportunities” was proved in performance of those who got status “with disabilities”. They might be limited in eyesight, hearing, speaking, walking – but all of them are able to express themselves in their especial way, to prove to others that they are meaningful in our society and to feel real support.
Event presenters turned hearts of the audience to meet participants from the very start, sharing touching moments with them. Sogdian pop-stars Dilnoza Karimova, Jamshed Ismoilov, Gulizori Rohat, Daler Kutuzov and others made performance with concert participants. It realized dreams for some of them. During their singing, voices virtually did not differ from voices of professional artists. Little girls of boarding school for deaf-and-dumb in Histevarz danced in group moving to the music! Women in wheel chairs performed a wonderful dance staged by the leader of dancing group “Falak” Sayoda Tursunova. Girls from dancing groups “Zebo”, “Chamanoro” and “Mahasti” added brightness and colors to the concert. Production director of the inclusive concert traditionally was Umar Aliev, professor and honorable tutor in KhSU.
In the concert hall during their performance there was an atmosphere of reverence and awe. There were many people with disabilities among the audience. Within their performance, concert participants proved that it is possible to look at life with different eyes and to stay equal with others in our society.
From the words of the concert presenter Azam Akbarov: “They are the same people as we are. They also have their dreams, wishes and opportunities! I think they appreciate life more than we do. They try to use those opportunities, which they have. Evidence to this fact is our today's concert!”
Audience gave a standing ovation. People brought a plenty of flowers to the participants, giving them embrace and tender words. Every one of them received Papers of Appreciation by the city Government and concert organizers, and money prizes by the Eskhata Bank and other presents.
In the end of concert Nazira Muminova – leader of the public organization “Parents of children with developmental problems”, she marked that inclusive concert “Equal View” becomes annual good tradition, which every year will attract new talents among persons with disabilities.
“Understanding is feeling. Feeling is living!” - This concert became one more prompt that we should take constant care for each other, appreciate life for every spent minute and be thankful to everything we take from it. Those persons with strong spirit make us to think deep about the opportunities we have and do not use today yet.
Probably, inclusive concert became a kind of impulse to create bright future for people with disabilities. Their talents cannot stay aside!

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