Right selecting strategy as a way to successful growth.

Right selecting strategy as a way to successful growth.

Annual sessions on strategic planning were held in Eskhata Bank during last week. The planning presents a process of selection of the Bank’s goals and ways of their achievement for the next year. This time it is 2017 year.
Within development of the strategic activity of the Bank and formation of strategy plan, there are drawn chief staff and officials of the Bank branches. Much importance was given to analysis, selection and methods of the strategy realization.
By words of the head of Marketing and Development Department, which is the main strategist of the Bank: “Eskhata Bank always pays especial attention to growth of the highest management’s competence, and sharing this competence to local leaders. This year all branches showed their skills about quality strategic thinking; they presented good analyses of their environment, made appropriate valuation of their resources and abilities, provided efficient presentations and defended their thesis on strategic planning before members of the Management Board of the Bank… When you sel ected strategy right and realized it as of high quality, it will certainly come to achievement of the Bank’s goals and accordingly to its further progress. I think performed works to be considered as a successful start of 2017 year”.
In his turn, the head of Retail Business Department Nosirjon Oripov shared his opinion: “Methods of strategic planning in this year varied fr om the previous one. We analyzed inner and outer environment deeper and wider. Staff members made industrial and product analysis of their branch, analysis of resources and abilities and external environment. Every branch prepared analysis according to their region. Head office of the Bank summarized all branches’ analyses and prepared integrated analysis about Republic of Tajikistan. As a result of discussions and adopted financial projections, there was set up the plan-budget for new year.
In addition, we would like to mark teamwork of branches. Level of their skills and competence became rather better, staff officers learned to valuate situation adequately, and to carry out quality analyses. Timely training of staff and feedback, which is payed especial attention, promoted those facts”.
Strategic planning gives top-management an opportunity to decide on direction and rate of activity development, to outline global tendencies of the market, to realize, which organizational and structural changes must be done in the Bank, in order to be competitive Bank. One more task is to determine its advantage, and which tools is necessary to the Bank for its further successful growth.
Due to the integrated approach and understanding situation, development of integrated directions and application of individual approaches for different regions of the country – branches teams and the Bank’s Management succeeded to conduct series of strategic sessions.
Chairman of the Management Khurshed Nosirov highly appreciated preparations and changes of strategic skills of the branches management in the field, and as well he made his own correctives for every branch individually.

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