Easy credits by Eskhata Bank promote development of farming

Easy credits by Eskhata Bank promote development of farming

Representatives of Eskhata Bank made meeting with agriculture leaders in Spitamen region of Sughd province. This event became a continuation of Eskhata Bank’s task for the country citizens to get acquaintance with innovative methods applicable in agriculture. There are trickle irrigation of soil, greenhouses construction and water-well drilling.
It is well known that Spitamen region is one of agrarian ones in Sughd province, and that is why local people in major deal with livestock farming, crop production and gardening.
The meeting gathered more than 35 farm leaders; agricultural coordinator in Eskhata Bank Shuhrat Usmonov and the head of the Bank branch in Spitamen Umarali Umarov presented new approaches of using water and land resources, their advantages and effect of their application in agricultural development. Event participants also got acquaintance with techniques of installing equipment and its adoption, and as well with conditions of the Bank financing.
Erkin Rustamov is leader of the farm “Bunyod 2014” in Spitamen. He was one of meeting participants. He shared that in student days he studied how to construct greenhouses right and to look after them. Erkin Rustamov has a rich experience about cultivation of different agricultural crops in greenhouses, and concerning using new methods Erkin is ready to explore them.
Let us note that Eskhata Bank issues easy credits for agricultural development with profitable for customer conditions. Along to financial support, the Bank is ready to provide customers with free consults in purpose of their technical support, in order they could get good harvest. Organization “Sarob” and representatives of the CLIMADAPT project attended Eskhata Bank in this way.
Meeting participants liked conditions of that program, and they are ready for partnership with Eskhata Bank in this direction. We hope that through common implementation of technology of effective usage of water and energy resources we will make our contribution in development of agricultural sector of our country!

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