Eskhata Bank doled out help to needy families

Eskhata Bank doled out help to needy families

Except successful persons, it is possible to see many needy families in our society. There are families with gravely ill children, solitary and abandoned people, those who left without guardians, widows and orphan children between them. All of them need warmth, care, love and financial aid, which is very important.
It is pleasant that in our country quantity of benefactors increases every year. It means that well-being of the nation increases, too.
Various TV forums on subject of charity, posts on social network pages, boxes to collect donations set in public buildings, supermarkets and financial institutes, - all those aids let powerful people to reach out a helping hand.  
Eskhata Bank is socially active and attracted to society problems bank, it regularly shares financial aid to needy people. Besides, close to coming Muslim Holiday of Kurban Bairam, bank staff gave help to 12 families of Sughd province.
The help was sent to the families, which for different reasons fell into hard life circumstances. For every family, there were handed food stuff: meat 2 kg, vegetable oil 10 l, rice 10 kg, sugar 3 kg, macaroni 2 kg, butter 1 kg, condensed milk, cookies and sweets.
We remember that previously Eskhata Bank advertised that everyone who wished to make his contribution into charity, they could do that simply by payment terminals of Eskhata Bank, sending any sum to accounts of charity funds.
You have got a money change after you made payment for shopping? Or there is a mass of small banknotes in your purse? And it might be that in this sacred month you would like to transmit your alms to account of needy people? Or some hard life situation of one of heroes in famous show “Ormon” touched your heart, and you’d like to help them? Now it is easy to do!
Thus, come to payment terminal of Eskhata Bank, touch on the screen section “Charity Funds” and transmit your money to the account of charity show “Ormon” or as well to account of charity organization “Hiloli Ahmari Tojikiston”. In their turn, charity organizations are committed to provide help to ill people and needy people for collected funds.
From ancient times, folk wisdom says, “Do kind acts and it will come back to you!” Do not be afraid to donate! By common efforts, we are able to support many people, who lives just by neighborhood! And this way we will change our world for better!

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