Greetings on the 25th anniversary of the State Independence

Greetings on the 25th anniversary of the State Independence

Dear compatriots!

This day, with feelings of especial pride and honor we celebrate significant event: the 25th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan! Twenty-five years ago, ancient Tajik nation conferred on sacred historical achievement – state independence, which became a sign of the national mentality and freedom, pride and dignity, a symbol of happiness and eternity of the Tajik nation, in possession of sovereignty and state.
With great joy and pride for the country, with all my heart I send my greetings to the glorious nation of Tajikistan on this historically determining and sacred national holiday!
By virtue of open policy and personal support of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation – Mr. President Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan was recognized as a full member of the international community. The country appeared on political map of the world with all attributes of its statehood.
Nowadays, after twenty-five years, we realize clear the role of XVI Session of the Supreme Council of the Republic in the fortunes of our nation on achievement of a lasting peace, which we found thanks to wise policy of our Founder of Peace, Leader of the Nation. Because you know that only in peaceful condition, a country is able to develop and prosperity of people is able to grow.
Certainly, it took years while desirable passed to reality. However, the seeds planted in the beginning, gave their rich fruits for today. How many obstacles and difficulties our people had to pass through, while we achieved present success!
Being one of fruits of the country independence, since the first days of its activity, Eskhata Bank have an object to promote national prosperity, to develop social and economy spheres and to support enterprises. Our staff as a truly hardworking people, worked before and they will work further for benefit of our state!
I might be sure that with their strong will and conscientious work our people will improve their Motherland more, raise its image in the international scene. With their works, every one of Tajik people carries small but in common weighty contribution to construction of fair, democratic, rightful and secular society. Let the constructive power of Tajik people to lead us for great deeds and to help accomplishment of new victories and achievements!
Greetings on the 25th anniversary of the State Independence to you, dear compatriots! Be always healthy and happy, peace to your homes!

With honor,

Khurshed Nosirov,

Chairman of the Management,

OJSC “Bank Eskhata”

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