Eskhata Bank resumed the second round of the special offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016”

Eskhata Bank resumed the second round of the special offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016”

The special offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016” gains momentum every day. Just one month is left before the final round, where three cars Mercedes Benz will be played out.
Some days before, the second round of the offer came to its end, and names of three lucky customers became known. They used services of the international money transfer systems in Eskhata Bank offices.

People from regions Rudaki, Penjikent and Bohtar got 10000 TJS! All they received from 1 to 3 remittances in service offices during the special offer.
As it is said, fortune smiled to those lucky people, and now we present to you names of the winners:

1. Vahobov Abduvahob Shamsuddinovich from Rudaki region, RRS; coupon number 1 0041397
2. Qodirova Zavra Vahmudovna from Penjikent region, Sogd province; coupon number 2 0395461
3. Hasanova Dilafruz Hayrulloevna from Bohtar region, Khatlon province; coupon number 3 0497953

Selection of winners of the second round was held by the way of random sampling of coupon numbers, separately for every one of regions. We remind that winners of the first round, held at the end of July, became holders of money prizes amounted 5000 TJS.

Current special offer will be held until the 30 of September. The final round is expected in October. Winners will get main prizes of the offer – automobile Mercedes Benz E-class. Customers, who receive remittances in Eskhata Bank offices, have more chances to win main prizes of the offer.

Be active, do not miss your chance! Winning might become yours this time!

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