Semi-annual report on Bank Eskhata operation

Semi-annual report on Bank Eskhata operation

OJSC “Bank Eskhata”, as other financial institutions of Tajikistan, passed through serious test for steadiness of its business management model in the first half of 2016. We can proudly say that our bank proved the status of strong financial institution, and we even managed to use prevalent crisis circumstances to make Bank rather efficient and competitive, comfortable and attractive for customers. We have strengthened yet the basis for further successful development of Bank Eskhata in the financial market of Tajikistan.
Many factors became the earnest of our stability and financial steadiness. Among them, we can note deep devotion and professionalism of Bank Eskhata staff, reasoning of long-term strategy, weighted approach in risks evaluation, and ability of the Bank for quick adaptation to changeable market circumstances.
Sure, worsening of economy situation and reduction of lending demands could hardly leave financial indexes of the Bank in different directions unaffected. However, despite that fact, Bank Eskhata kept the most important value, which is trust of customers. Keeping trustful and long-term relations with customers is advantage of our Bank operation.
Amount of authorized capital by the 30.06.2016 is 125.3 million TJS. Net profit is 9.78 million TJS, which is 77.5% less of the first half-year of 2015. At the same time, Bank assets raised at 6.52% and totally amounted 1595.9 million TJS.
Balance of loan portfolio, no metering loans issued to credit organizations, raised to 7.13% and amounted 1037.45 million TJS. Including share of micro loans, it is 661.81 million TJS, which shows slowing down for 4.89%. Total amount of issued loans is 791.33 million TJS, which is more for 12.47% than previous indexes in 2015 year.
At the first half-year of 2016 there is also marked the growth of deposit portfolio for 38.8%. By the 30.06.2016 it is amounted 663.03 million TJS.
In close future, development and implementation of modern banking services will be priority-driven direction in the sphere of retail business. Purpose of this direction is increase of our customers’ loyalty.
The main growth in retail business might be marked in the development of plastic card business; every year number of cardholders rises up. Thus, in the first half of 2016 year, there were 102 thousand holders of cards issued by Bank Eskhata. Here growth of index is marked by 35.2%. In order to supply plastic cardholders with cash timely, 73 ATM-s operate over the country.
Every year the Bank establish and consolidate cooperation with international organizations involving additional investments in this way. Unfortunately, in crisis period the volume of involved loans went down for 9.91% in comparison with previous periods. Hereby, balance of involved loans amounted 561.77 million TJS.
With slogan “We are getting closer!”, the Bank continues to keep its branch network at the level of profit in order to satisfy citizens’ needs in banking services timely. By 30.06.2016, number of Bank Eskhata offices shows 22 branches, 255 centers of banking services and 137 remittance points.
Number of employees is 2992 by 30.06.2016, which is 5.11% less of similar previous report period. It should be marked that staff reduction is not registered. Some employees, who left the Bank, they discharged by another objective reasons.
The main value of the Bank is respectfulness, fairness and rightful relationships with co-workers. Bank Eskhata always tends to meet the requests of customers and partners with further development its operational activity and strengthening its position in the financial market as one of the leading banks of the country!  

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