Bank Eskhata received first tranche for financing loans with purpose to improve the use of water and energy and land management

Bank Eskhata received first tranche for financing loans with purpose to improve the use of water and energy and land management

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launched an innovative programme of financing CLIMADAPT directed to minimize aftermaths of the climate changes.
Within this programme, Bank Eskhata received first tranche of loan from EBRD for financing agrarian and industrial sector, and households as well. Those loans are oriented on investing improvement of technologies about steadiness to the climate changes; and they will help private sector of Tajikistan to be rather steady in that condition.
Mechanism of financing steadiness to the climate changes in Tajikistan CLIMADAPT is developed together with EBRD and Investment funds on climate (IFC). Loans CLIMADAPT are available to householders, businesspersons, and farmers. Funds will be given for purchase and installation machinery and technologies after approval and consideration by the CLIMADAPT team.
For Bank Eskhata, they are necessary resources for realization of social and ecological projects directed to support small business sector and households, and as well cooperation in common goals achievement about saving climate, protecting environment and stable development.
Dehkans and farmers can take loans for installation new irrigating systems (trickle irrigation), for planting new fruit gardens and nurseries, well drilling, reconstruction of water pipes, pumps, taps, systems of heating and for greenhouse construction.
Households can take loans for heat insulation of walls and roofs, replacement of windows, doors and balconies, lamps, water pipes, pumps, taps and other systems of heating and lighting.
Small and medium enterprises can take loans for modernization of production equipment, boilers replacement in heating systems and other goals about saving energy and water.
As part of the project, for the purpose of assistance in investment to qualified technologies and optimal decisions, international and local experts can give customers free consultations.
Specialists mark that Republic of Tajikistan is one of the vulnerable countries in the climate changes process, and the time has come to pay especial attention to effective use of renewable energy sources, especially to hydropower engineering, which favours people adaptation to climate changes, and as well social and economy development.
Through CLIMADAPT for financing projects in private sector, loans will be directed to implementation of modern and improved technologies, contributing steady resistance to climate changes in Tajikistan. In connection with that fact, we express our gratitude to EBRD, to all those donors who support implementation of this project in Republic of Tajikistan.

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