Start of the Special Offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016” with valuable prizes!

Start of the Special Offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016” with valuable prizes!

In honour of the 25th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, Bank Eskhata announces starting of the Special Offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016”!

Taking part in this offer, remittance customers will be able to get a nice opportunity to be holders of one of three splendid automobiles Mercedes Benz E-class or money prizes amounted from TJS 5000 to TJS 10000!

Participation in the offer will not take any additional costs or efforts: just use remittance service and take coupon of the offer participant with individual serial number.

The Special Offer “Rushdi Hamkori-2016” will be held from June 1 to September 30 of the current year in three regions of the country: Dushanbe and RRS, Sogd and Khatlon provinces. Summing up every tour of the offer, money prizes will be drawn among offer participants of the above mentioned regions, and the main prizes – three cars Mercedes Benz E-class – they will find their owners in October of 2016. The most active participants will get money prizes, too.

Let us remember that it is already the third year when Bank Eskhata makes such kind of offers for the customers. As a result, six the luckiest customers received automobiles as a gift, and 70 customers more got other kinds of valuable prizes from Bank Eskhata.

Hurry up – the prize might be yours for this time!

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