Well drilling is a guarantee of water supply for irrigation

Well drilling is a guarantee of water supply for irrigation

Kurbondjon Mirzoeva is engaged in agriculture for six years already. The fact that she works for her own prosperity is not the only one, but as well, she works for wellbeing of her fellow villagers!

Recent time, due to a shortage of water for irrigation, field works became protracted, and they did not give timely harvest. Kurbondjon was not satisfied with such working results. She got news that Bank Eskhata provides new opportunities for agriculture development within socio-ecological project. Therefore, she came to our bank in order to get support.

In October of 2015, Kurbondjon Mirzoeva applied the Bank Eskhata for assistance supplying her land with water for irrigation. The Bank considered her application and rendered all kinds of material and technical support showing methods of effective usage of water resources in period of irrigation. Owing to the consultation of specialists and the program of lending, Mirzoeva made use of well drilling for watering her land.

During the interview, K.Mirzoeva marked that use of new technologies in agriculture and the special program of lending simplified her works ever so much! She says that she will continue cooperation with Bank Eskhata in this direction: “Next year I have a plan to apply again for loan, and it will be for greenhouses construction. I believe that due to the water well, my business will get improvement, and the land will bring good harvest. After the greenhouse construction, I can grow my own production independently of the season, and this way I am going to raise my earnings” – told Kurbondjon Mirzoeva with enthusiasm.

When the customer takes one agro loan and he gets positive credit history, the Bank gives him next loan for lower interest rate. According to lending procedures for permanent customers who have positive credit history, Bank Eskhata provides an opportunity to use different kinds of graces, which is suitable and timely support for the customer.

Kurbondjon Mirzoeva is the woman of 38 years old, mother of three children. She keeps her family from the agriculture. She is a member of Association of water users named after Turgun Uldjaboev in Spitamen region. Today, because of falling cotton prices, she turned to grow Lucerne.

Kurbondjon Mirzoeva is successful in farming, and as well, she likes to cook different national meals. She always finds time to cook something tasty for her family. Thus, industrious person is always in move, and it means he is always healthy and full of energy!

With all our heart, we wish Kurbondjon Mirzoeva would manage to realize her plans and she would be more and more successful in her business activity!

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