The project “Commercialization of the Agriculture”

The project “Commercialization of the Agriculture”

Bank Eskhata concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the RT and the World Bank Group on the start of new project “Commercialization of the Agriculture”.

Before, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan concluded an agreement about financing with the International Association of the Development. This Association is the subdivision of the World Bank, which activity is directed for financing the project “Commercialization of the Agriculture”. United project goal is broadening access of the agricultural complex businesses and small commercial farms to the principally mid- and long-term financing.

Mentioned above project will get realization through creating and supplying the functioning of credit line within Bank Eskhata. There is a support of mid-term credits and lends in project plans, investments to financing modern technological installations, including equipment. Financing might be provided at any level of the agricultural process, starting from the moment of sowing until production realization.

Supervisor on social and ecological projects in Bank Eskhata Shavkat Kalonov marked that this new project opens new opportunity for the Bank to broaden access to financing for citizens in rural regions, and to assist development of the agricultural sector and to strengthen loyalty of the Bank customers.

The agreement is concluded within one of the strategy goals of Bank Eskhata related with realization of social and ecological projects.

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