Bank Eskhata cooperates with the Tajik State University

Bank Eskhata cooperates with the Tajik State University

Management of the Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics invited Bank Eskhata to take part in the Week entitled “The Student and modern technologies” by the Chair of IT systems.
This “Week” was organized with the view of educating worthy future specialists, who will be ready to make their contribution to the development of modern technologies. One more goal is attraction of youth to scientific and investigational works. The Week included wide program for students: contest “The Best Programmer”, intellectual games, seminars, open lessons and many other events.
Representatives of our Bank, Furkatullo Ismatulloev and Daler Khakimov – held seminar for students on the subject of “Informational Technologies in Bank Eskhata”. The most active participants were awarded with certificates in the name of the Bank Management.
As a concluding part of the Chair Week, there was meeting of students and tutors with representatives of the company Telecom Technology and Bank Eskhata staff from departments of marketing, IT and HR. According to the received base of knowledge from the seminar, students of the second and the third grades presented their works, which to be new programs designed to simplify work with computers. Entertaining discussion continued the meeting.
Beside of the meeting subject, students were deeply interested in the ways of job placement after university graduation. It is pleasant to see desire and aspiration of young generation for study, progress and labour. Because every progressive company wants to hire young giving hope specialists in their personnel.
In the final, in the name of the university rector, Djamshed Djuraboev, there was given a paper of thanks to Bank Eskhata for fruitful cooperation in teaching young specialists to modern technologies. In addition, in memory of the event, there was sent a vignette with photo moments from the Week of IT to the Bank.
Bank Eskhata expresses gratitude to the University Management for organization of such an important event. With great pleasure, the Bank will go on the partnership in order to make own constant contributions to the future growth of young generations.

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