Purchase of a car becomes rather available now!

Purchase of a car becomes rather available now!

Bank Eskhata declares the start of new loan product “Car Loan”. It opens opportunity to purchase a car for everyone by instalment for low interest rates.

This product is developed for those, who is going to purchase vehicle, and the same time they lack for own funds. Customer is able to choose car and then to apply the Bank. It will cover up to 70% of the car cost as a loan with reasonable interest rates for period up to 24 months. Amount of the assignable loan is from USD 100 to USD 10001 in TJS equivalent. Interest rates are 28 - 24% per annum for USD and 36 – 32% for TJS.

The main advantage of this service is simple system of security. Thus, purchased car will be formalized as a security, and there is no need to pass through insurance process, and no need of the big volume of the documentation.

Bank Eskhata offers to the customers to settle the matter of purchasing vehicle without leaving dreams “for the best times”.

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