Happy Navruz Holiday!

Happy Navruz Holiday!

Dear compatriots!
Bank Eskhata greet you on the holiday of Navruz! This is a holiday of peace, spring and equinox, nature awakening and the start of planting season.

In this truly spring holiday we wish you a warm sun, ever smelling fragrance of trees, lovely smiles and delight spring spirit! Let eternal spring blooms in your heart! We wish well-being and mutual rapports, happiness and prosperity; let harmony enter your home with this day of spring renewal!

We wish peace and prosperity to our native land, happiness and success to our nation, showers of rain and rich harvest to our lands. Let the holiday of Navruz to bring you new ideas, new undertakings and new achievements!

Navruz has come and all the honourable people
Are ready to celebrate this bright holiday.
Navruz is New Year of the East.
Everyone is glad: grown and children.
Set the table; let it be rich.
Gather the whole family here.
Navruz came from times of immemorial,
Give a smile to the holy day!

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