Agricultural sector development is the important part of the lending by Bank Eskhata

Agricultural sector development is the important part of the lending by Bank Eskhata

Use of new methods of the agricultural sector development – particularly, rational use of water and energy resources – became the main subject of the event, where Bank Eskhata delegates had discussions with farms authorities and farmers of the region Devashtich, Sughd province. That event was a continuation of the informing works conducted by Bank Eskhata with members of the sector on modern technologies and innovative approaches to conduct agricultural works.
One of those technologies is trickle irrigation system. The event participants got acknowledges about technology advantages, on methods of the system implementation, about conditions for financing trickle irrigation development.
It is worth noting that Bank Eskhata actively promotes agro lending for customers with profitable conditions and it take into account technical support. In order farmers could get a good harvest, Bank Eskhata is ready to provide farmers with tripartite support, which consists of financial, consulting and technical parts. Here companies ABCI and “Sarob” attend Bank Eskhata. Corresponding multilateral support would help farmers to learn and to implement new technologies in their farms, and greatly to simplify the process of cultivation, obtaining a good harvest.
Bank delegates gave to the farms heads more information about lending products for well drilling and greenhouses construction and other agriproducts of the bank. Event participants showed interest for corresponding banking products and for their issuance conditions as well. Regional farmers marked importance and timeliness of the holding event.

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