Agroleasing is the new instrument for farmers

Agroleasing is the new instrument for farmers

The Republic of Tajikistan is the country, where agriculture is the largest economy sphere. It puts one of the important tasks: development of the agricultural sphere. Financial sector facilitates achieving assigned tasks providing access to the financing.
Bank Eskhata developed new product “Agroleasing”, which would help private farms to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment on credit at the most profitable conditions.
Agroleasing will be given to the individuals and legal entities involved in agricultural activities. Client chooses necessary machinery or equipment, holds auction with supplier. Then he applies the Bank to get loan. The Bank accepts the client’s application exploring its activity and solvency. Afterwards, there is signed a tripartite agreement between the bank, the customer and the supplier.
Within the product, customer is able to get loan in amount from $100 to $50000 for a period of 60 months for purchase of agricultural machinery and up to 36 months for purchase of agricultural equipment. Loan will be issued in the national (TJS) or foreign (USD) currencies, and according to the client’s application there might be given grace period.
Let us note that this product is developed with consideration of customers’ needs for qualitative and accessible agricultural machinery and equipment. Those needs were identified during meetings with representatives of private farms, which the bank periodically holds in djamoats. Now farmers have more access to finances by the way of acceptance on agroleasing.
The Bank's activity is focused on facilitating improvement of the agrarian sector and supporting farmers in Tajikistan by purchasing of various agricultural machinery and equipment by leasing agreement.
Bank Eskhata will not stop here, and in the future, we are going to work and to make growth in this direction for the benefit of farms directly and farming sector of the country as a whole.

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