Bank Eskhata opened new banking services center in the city core

Bank Eskhata opened new banking services center in the city core

On March 1 new banking services center of Bank Eskhata opened doors for customers. This BSC is situated in the city core, oppositely to the supermarket “Anis”. It is a crowded place, where always might be customers.
Personnel staff of the new BSC consists of experienced specialists working in the bank for a long period. It has modern design, and it is equipped with all necessary technologies to provide services for customers of high quality.
The BSC is a unit of the Bank Operating Department; authorities believe that the BSC would have swift development, in consideration of its location, officers’ experience in banking and provision financial services to customers.
Bank Management, Credit Department staff and the BSC officers took part in the opening ceremony of the new BSC.
Chairman of the Bank Management Khurshed Nosirov marked in his speech: “This banking services center is one more step to the realization of our main task: to come closer to the customer. I greet officers with the start of working in the new place, and I hope for fast growth and activity development of the BSC. I wish you good luck, optimistic spirit and collective cohesion. Let you become one of the leading centers of banking services of Bank Eskhata!”
It is necessary to mark that new BSC was opened according to the approved plan and strategy of the Operating Department of Bank Eskhata. The unit is ready to provide customers the main range of financial services, such as currency exchange, money transfers and lending.
Generally, to the date, 23 branches, 261 banking services centers and about 420 remittance points form structural network of Bank Eskhata over the country. The bank offers to customers all the main banking services adopted in the international financial practice.

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