Favorable terms for the development of agricultural sector

Favorable terms for the development of agricultural sector

Today the development of new technologies allows to increase productivity, reduce cost production and also improve product quality. In modern agriculture, there are several areas of technology development and use of innovations, one of which is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation - is not only a good opportunity for the development of the agricultural sector, but also to solve the problems related to the management of water in the irrigation period.  

Jamshed Boboaliev and representative of the organization “Sarob” Kiyomiddin Izatov.

It should be noted that the Bank Eskhata is actively promoting agro loans to customers at competitive conditions, not forgetting about technical support. As pointed out in his speech, Coordinator for the development of agro-loans Shukhrat Usmonov: "The main purpose of the meeting is to inform the chairmen of Dehkan farms with new technologies, thanks to which the farmers of our country will be able to get a more fruitful harvest. For this Bank Eskhata is ready to provide financial support in the form of loan on favorable terms, ABCI - consulting support and financial analysis of the customer and the organization, "Sarob" provide the necessary machinery and equipment. This tripartite support will help farmers not only learn and implement new technologies, but also greatly simplify the process of land works and get good harvest. "
In turn, an economist at the Department of International Relations of the bank Shavkat Kalonov  presented the audience about Bank Eskhata’s activity towards social - environmental projects, in particular, is such loan products as green loans, loan for the purchase of energy-efficient products and renewable energy. His speech was aimed not only at the presentation of the bank's loan products, but also to improve the financial literacy of the population.
"Our goal is to be closer to the people, to assist in improving of agriculture, reducing the consumption of resources, as well as providing them with affordable housing. All of this information is provided within the financial education program, "- said Shavkat Kalonov.
Chairmen of dehkan farms also provided information about loan products for the drilling of wells, construction of greenhouses and other bank’s  agro-products. Listeners interested in meeting the details of cooperation in the framework of the tripartite support, in particular, the terms and conditions of lending to the delivery of modern equipment, as well as expert advice. Thanks to this meeting, bank managed to collect the necessary feedback in order to take account of it in the future in the development and implementation of new social and environmental projects. The meeting can be called productive.
At this meeting, of course, all doesn’t end. Bank Eskhata together with the above organizations visit also other regions of country in accordance with the approved plan for 2016.

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