Special Offer “Dastgiri” is going on!

Special Offer “Dastgiri” is going on!

Bank Eskhata in January of current year announced new Lending Offer “Dastgiri”. Within this action, the bank offers loans refinancing on favourable terms and for longer period. In other words, we “purchase” your problems!
In the campaign period, lending funds will be issued only to those persons, who are engaged in business activities, and who has set a goal of further development of their business.
This way, we call businessmen to take advantage of the offer “Dastiri” and to get real support.
We remind that this campaign is one of anti-recessionary measures, aimed to relief customers’ difficulties related with loans. It is a kind of ring buoy for those who wish to refinance their loan. Therefore, Bank Eskhata is with you in difficulties as well as in happy times!

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