Leaders of large companies shared their experience in managing during the seminar

Leaders of large companies shared their experience in managing during the seminar

In the current crisis circumstances, business structures look for efficient ways to achieve their goals. One of those ways is training which enables business structures to perform specific tasks with the least expenses.
According to research by international organizations, those companies, in which culture of training is developed, they are more likely to enter the market leaders list; and they have got more opportunities to be able to respond to customer needs and market changes. Worth noting that the trend of training will increase every year.
Bank Eskhata is the first to propose corporate clients - they are leaders of large companies - to take part in the seminar. In the process participants took necessary for them information, and shared their planning and management experience.
“The first objective of the seminar was the topic "Marketing in a difficult environment". It is aimed at training for planning in a volatile environment. During crisis times, many businesses are affected by the uncertainty and globalization, and this seminar will help them to make right decision in the directions of management, marketing, risk management and accounting policies. For our bank, it is also a great advantage. I believe that our current mutual relations “bank-client” will develop into partnerships in the near future” – marked Mirzoibraghim Ibraghimov, head of the Marketing and Development Department of Bank Eskhata, seminar coach.
"I am very pleased to note the audience interest to the seminar topic. Besides our provision of the important information for our participants, we received very valuable opinions and suggestions in return. They also shared their experience in the company management. Overall, according to the leaders' reactions, it was obvious that we achieved our goal” – marked Mirzoibraghim Ibraghimov.
After the seminar, during the feedback, one of the most active participants - director of LLC "Obi Shirin" Mirzonaim Muminov said, "The seminar was organized at a high level. The seminar topic is chosen in very correct and timely manner. The seminar topic was very close for me, because I started my career as a marketer in the past. I think that in times of crisis it is great support for business leaders.
Allow myself to announce one of the problems, which is familiar to many marketers. It is very often in large companies, when authorities do not listen to the opinion of marketers in a time. But when the crisis starts, they require immediate results from the marketers.
The seminar reaffirmed my opinion that every company should have its own marketing management strategy. It is necessary to have close relationships with customers and consumers. Brand of the company should reflect the company development strategy, and then in the event of crisis, it will be less susceptible to the negative effects.
I express my gratitude to the coach Mirzoibragim Ibragimov for the timely organization of this seminar; I will closely cooperate in this area and send my ideas and suggestions on the bank's e-mail".
Rakhimjon Khakimov, head of corporate lending: "It should be noted that other participants shared their impressions; their opinions will be taken into account in the future for constant improvement of the seminars holding system and bank activities on the whole. Today, working closely with our customers, we become close partners. We know about the development of their company activities, we know their problems and try to come together to the mutual decision. I think that during the crisis, a series of seminars on current topics will help us and our customers in the service market to get out of the situation with minimal losses".  
Bank Eskhata thanks all participants for their interest and active participation, and soon we will invite for the following seminar on "Branding".

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