Interest on deposits becomes even higher!

Interest on deposits becomes even higher!

Bank Eskhata raised interest rates on deposits in TJS to 22% per annum! This is yet another anti-crisis measure to support those clients-depositors, who want to preserve and increase their money in the national currency.
For example, opened deposits "Daromadi ustuvor" and "Zahirshavanda" for a period of one year will now take shape at 20% per annum, and deposits "Haridi foidanok" and "Haridi foidanok +" at 22%. Previously, interest rate of the above-mentioned deposits was 18-20% per annum. If you save up money for your children's future, you can take advantage of the special children's deposit "Bachagona", which percentage is also increased to 20%.
It is worth noting that very often reducing interest rates on loans, banks also reduce interest rates on deposits. In our case, in order to support customers in times of crisis, Bank Eskhata reduced interest rates on loans twice; and we did not disregard the depositors by raising interest rates on deposits in TJS.
Financially literate experts say that 80% of our revenues are usually spent on living expenses, while the standard of living remains the same. And if you save up to 20% of your monthly income on deposit, you can get a good amount of cash in your hands at the end of the year.
You want to be financially secured tomorrow? - learn how to save money today! Open deposit account in Bank Eskhata, because now interests are even higher!

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