The best bank units were awarded at the annual general meeting

The best bank units were awarded at the annual general meeting

Operational management and branches of Bank Eskhata in Isfara and J.Rasulov regions were declared “The Best Branches” according to the annual activity in 2015. The Chairman of the Bank's Management Board Khurshed Nosirov presented the awards – banner, diploma and badge – to the head of the Operational management Zarif Rozikov, directors of the above-mentioned branches Bakhtier Khoshimov and Akramjon Mamadjonov.
In the working out Strategy-2016 Operational management distinguished again. Diploma of the first degree for “The Best Strategy” had been presented to its head Zarif Rozikov. Diploma of the second degree was presented to the Chkalovsk branch with the head Farzin Azimov. The third degree was given to the Shohmansur branch in Dushanbe headed by Shuhrat Oripov. Another 16 branches had got Certificates of Appreciation for active work in program of developing strategy of the bank.
Title “The Best” had got banking service centers in Dushanbe, Nurek, Isfara, regions J.Rumi and A.Jomi, in the B.Gafurov region, village Owchi-Kalacha. The directors of branches, which include the above BSC-s, were awarded with the relevant diploma and banner.
Football teams with members of the bank management were also mentioned. There were four teams fighting for the winner title. As a result, the first place took the Bank Management; the second place got the team of the northern branches № 1; and the third place was conferred on the team of the northern branches № 2. Winner teams were awarded with respective diplomas. Another diploma for active participation in football games was given to the team of the southern branches headed by the director Alimahmad Salihov.
Award ceremony was held at the annual general meeting of branch directors and top management of the bank in a festive atmosphere.
Let us remember that every year Bank Eskhata holds enlarged meeting involving the leadership of head office and all branches of the bank. At this meeting heads of departments, directors of branches and desk chiefs present their reports on the work done over the past year. In major, there are results of financial performance, reporting of internal audit, as well as review and approval of the plans and budget for 2016, and other important issues of the activity.
In his speech, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Eskhata Khurshed Nosirov thanked everyone for their active work in 2015, and he obliged the heads of departments and directors of branches to direct more efforts in 2016 for further development of the bank's activities, considering the program of anti-crisis measures. He emphasized that during financial crisis the important tasks are transition to the client-oriented management structure, optimizing processes and cohesion of the staff team.
Chairman of the Board wished success to new directors of branches at the beginning of their careers in new position, and he encouraged them to apply him at any time about any questions relating to the development of the branch.
"My door is always open for you, I will just be glad to your initiatives. The Board is always ready to consider new ideas, proposals and plans, "- said Chairman of the Board.

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