Rise in the Number of Loans Issued in TJS!

Rise in the Number of Loans Issued in TJS!

Bank Eskhata increased volume of loans issued in TJS. It is one of the anti-crisis measures, which the bank has taken during the financial crisis. If in 2014 the bank's customers took loans amounting to more than 405.1 million TJS, then for 11 months in 2015 the amount of issued loans is more than 423.5 million TJS!

According to the head of the Credit Department of the Bank Nosirdzhon Oripov, increasing lending in the national currency, the bank supports its customers during the financial crisis, especially those who is engaged in commercial activity.
Overall, Bank Eskhata did not stand aside the current market situation. The bank approved plan of anti-crisis measures, designed to assist in solving the customers' problems. At present, this policy became a priority of the bank’s activity.
Bank Eskhata practices an individual approach to each client who comes to us with his problem. Statistics show that this year more than 440 clients applied to the bank with request to prolong their loan. Requests were satisfied, and the loans for amount of 39.6 million TJS have been prolonged for those customers.
At the year beginning, more specifically in February, when echoes of the financial crisis just started to spread in the population, Bank Eskhata cut interest rates by 2% on loans issued in US dollars. Once again, by the end of this year, the bank makes another step and reduces interest rates on loans by 2% more! It is actual for all types of credit products, both in US dollars and in TJS. Now customers can take a loan for any purpose by 4% discount!
"This kind of customer support is timely action at such difficult times; it obliges the bank to help its customers in removing and reducing the business losses caused by the financial crisis” - says N. Oripov.
Today, credit experts are closely involved in providing advices to customers; they try to work together over solving customers’ problems, offer them ways out of existing situation. In turn, it goes as a social impact and promotion of Eskhata Bank in enhancing the financial literacy of customers.
On the eve of the New Year holiday, Bank Eskhata wishes its customers and the country's population great success, good luck and prosperity in 2016. The Bank is ready to continue mutually fruitful cooperation in the coming year!

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