Making -2% is the real support of customers!

Making -2% is the real support of customers!

Bank Eskhata hurries to share the good news! In order to support the customers, bank announces the next decrease of interests rates on all types of credit products!
Now our customers have an opportunity to get a loan at decreased interest rates for such credit purposes, as agricultural development, business and enterprise, consumer loans, home improvement and its purchase (mortgage loans) and others.
Hereby, to the date, loan interest rate for agricultural development is from 20% annual in USD and from 30% in TJS; mortgage loans in USD are 18% annual and 28% in TJS. Consumer loans issued in USD are from 26% and the interest rate for loans in TJS is 34% annual. Loans for business development are from 20% in USD and from 34% in TJS. Loans issued within the socio-environmental project for well drilling, drip irrigation, fish farming and construction of greenhouses – it is 16% annual for USD and 25% for TJS. One of new loan purposes is tractor purchase: 16% annual for USD and 30% annual for TJS.
It is worthy to mark that in April of 2015 Bank Eskhata had already decreased loan interest rates by 2%, and this time bank repeated that action, decreasing them by 2% more! Altogether, lending in Bank Eskhata becomes cheaper 4% less! The last time bank decreased interest rates only for loans in USD; for this once there are also considered loans in national currency Somoni.
Bank Eskhata appreciates its customers, and it tries to support them in every way on the crisis background. We hope, that making decrease of loan interest rates for the second time in the year, we make life of our customers easier!
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